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Brand New: Sykik Rider ZR1BT WiFi, Fully Waterproof Dual Camera Motorcycle Camera System

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Brand New       

Sykik Rider ZR1BT WiFi, Fully Waterproof Dual Camera Motorcycle Camera System with Bluetooth,Wi-Fi, Quick Release Mount and Smart Park Motion Activated Start/Stop. One Year US Warranty 

Sykik Rider cameras are designed especially for motorcycles. Aimed to simplify the use of cameras, for security, and pleasure. A set of 2 waterproof, wide-angle cameras are installed on the motorcycle or scooter. Powers through bike’s battery, never need to be charged. Starts automatically with your ignition, or any movement (Smart Park) and turns off once the ride is concluded. Long recording in loop mood, records all duration of your ride. With built in "G" sensor, it automatically recognizes an accident, and saves the footage of the accident from loop over ride. Installing the cameras on the bike means you can freely move your head around to check for traffic on your either sides, without camera losing its point of view.

Bullet Cameras

ZR1 bullet cameras consists of highest quality parts available. Fully waterproof metal (Aluminum) casing with full glass lenses (German made). Uses camera sensors made by Sony of Japan, for high quality images. Record both your front and rear in full HD 1080p quality. Super wide 140 degree camera view covers what is in front, and back of your bike. Cameras can be rotated in the mounts (set of metal and a set of rubber included) so they can be mounted at any angle on your bike. Each camera provides 18" long cord, with 8.5 feet long extension to cover ant bike or trike.

Front Camera: 1" x 1.5" , Rear Camera : 1" x 1.75"


With Award winning design, ZR1 DVR is by far the most advanced unit in the market. Our powerful processor enables recording of both cameras at full HD, 1080p, on a single memory card, eliminates annoying over heating of the unit. Single memory card makes playback of videos easy and more user friendly. With a maximum capacity of 128 GB, records 5 hours of recording from each camera. Once the memory card is full, the unit replaces the oldest recording files with new files. Length of each file can be adjusted by user from 1, to 5 minutes.

DVR provides a 3" full color display. Live cameras can be displayed on the 3" monitor separately or side by side, as well as recorded video files from your memory card. The mirror mode of the rear camera, allows using the system as rear view camera to help reducing blind spots. Our Exclusive quick release design, allows removing of the DVR from holster easy. Just pop it out and take it with you.

DVR: 3.5" wide, 2" high and 0.75" deep

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